My Story

Hello and  Welcome to Gonewild Photography!

     My name is Sharon Tuschhoff and I live on a horse farm with my husband and son in SE Missouri.  My Dad was a farmer and an avid hunter and fisherman,   who taught me how to hunt and fish also. I prefer to be outdoors, especially in the wilderness; I like to hike, kayak, camp and fish-- but now I hunt with a Canon instead of a gun. 

     I became serious about photography about 12 years ago and although I like all things nature, I prefer wildlife photography- specifically Alaska Brown Bears. I travel to as many local Conservation areas and Wildlife Refuges as possible.  I love the mountains in Wyoming and Montana, I love Minnesota and the Great Lakes area BUT I belong to Alaska. I have traveled to the Katmai Wilderness for the past  3 summers and will be going back again this summer. Alaska is truly the Last Frontier.

     I love photography because of the peace of mind and heart that it brings to me. Everyday is a learning process and everyday I am amazed by God's blessing of nature that surrounds us. There are images I see that have been taken by other photographers that call out to me, that make me long to travel to that place and create my own version.  I hope that my images touch people in the same way, that it might encourage others to step outside the box and explore the world around them.

     Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.  And please, help protect our Earth - don't litter, take your trash to the recycling center, teach your children about Global Warming.   


                                  Thank you and many Blessings,